Project Description

“I would love to put an old typewriter I have, on display in a glass box. I prefer the one with the wood base, only because it is sturdier for sure – the typewriter is small, but I find it quite heavy… the wood option feels safer!.

I have that typewriter since I was a kid, and I love it to bits, I just had to “get rid” of the cupboard where I had it on display – moved it to another room, with less visibility, but I love the typewriter so much, that I want to keep it in my living room, hence this new display box 🙂 It will make it that more special!

Not a complete box, but just a top case, I would come up with a solution for the bottom later.

She ordered the top case. I suggested her to ask any carpenter for the wood base because she wanted a specific wood type and finish. I just offer the wood base in natural finish.