A wedding is a great event for all families, it is a time of celebration, of decision making and of specifying many details for the big day.

I have created several sets of weddings to facilitate that task, so that you have details made by hand in Spain and so enjoy the most of your honeymoon. They include several products: wedding box, double frame type screen, alliance boxes and geometric trays with alliances or drag holders.

The double frame type screen is very useful for the tables, you can use it on the table of the mailbox to put a photo and a thank you in writing to your guests. It could also be used to put the number of the table, the menu, the list of diners, to put pictures of the couple and families with inspirational phrases, for dried flowers as decoration …

The alliance holder is perfect for the rings. There are different sizes and designs, it will be the perfect jeweler as a souvenir of your wedding afterwards. It can be customized by adding a closure, the gradation of names, dates or short texts.

The geometric trays are very versatile since they can be used both as an alliance holder and as a drag holder. It is a nice detail that you can use on the bedside table to put your rings and earrings before sleeping.

The wedding box, its function is to contain the envelopes that guests usually give at weddings. It can be customized so that it has a door and a lock with padlock. You can record your name, dates, phrases … Your dimensions are customizable according to the number of guests.

Available finishes: silver, black and copper.

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