Hi, I’m Olivia and this is my first attempt with 3D Tiffany items:

If anything characterizes me is the passion and perseverance for the design, drawing and work related to the glass. In 2005 a close friend was doing a course of Tiffany technique so I decided to try. I always liked the art deco, I did not know that there were such courses here in Malaga (Spain) and in my city…

I worked then as an interior designer in Marbella and in the evening I went to the tiffany course twice a week. 

Then it was a hobby, I had no space at home and it’s not something you can do in the kitchen or living room, glass chips is not something you want to find in your food!!.

Since I can remember, I have always had glass beads, shells and I made pendants, bracelets…

In 2015 my father decided it was time to do something and gave me a place that had been a cellar for 10 years. OliviaDesignLAB was born, thanks to my parents, without them none of this would not be possible.

I dusted off all my tools and my glasses and I started to work, I had to learn to cut, weld again and learn to weld 3D ! (Thanks to all that publish tutorials on youtube!). 

I also do everything that carries a brand: the store, suppliers, items, samples, pictures, descriptions in two languages, politicies and selling outside Etsy: rates, find distributors, packaging, children, home, plans…!!!. 

That’s why the shop was created in May 2015 but I listed my first item in February 2016 !!!. We had to empty the cellar, do some work, organize the workshop. After, the summer with 2 kids on vacation for two months !. We moved to another location, back to school, buying glass and tin for the entire sample which takes a lot of time with their mistakes and successes … all the bank holidays, an streetmarket, come child cold, Christmas that lasts three weeks here !! … Blessed February ;D. 

Make this description has helped me to know what I made during that time ,among other things. Sometimes we think that we are doing anything just because things are going slowly but there are processes that are slow. There are also people who do not appreciate the work behind a handmade object that seems simple but, behind it, there are many hours of skilled labor and as well as the infrastructure that entails.

It is important to be persistent and have a restless mind eager to learn. I love what I do, no matter how many times you try it, love is power and I want to do things for people like you, who appreciates quality, design, which supports the craftsman, all mothers who want to have a family, care for their children and still be economically independent. It is very difficult but not impossible, I keep trying, I’m here 🙂